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iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate Getting Started

Last Revised: 2014-03-12 17:30:10

iSkyrsoft Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful program with many great features. With it, you can:
  • Convert videos to other format, which is compatible with devices.
  • Burn DVDs.
  • Download videos.
  • Rip DVDs.
  • Record/Capture video playback on the computer or videos on websites.
  • Play media files, including videos, songs and regular DVDs.
You can click the Feedback button to find more FAQs of the program and Menu button to choose Preferences to have more settings of the program.


Load Files
By clicking Add Files, you can load media files( songs or videos). To load /ISO file/DVD folder/DVD, you can click Load DVD. You can click Menu>Preferences>Convert to set the DVD load mode as Main Movie or All Movies.


• You can select a file and right-click to check Source File Information of the loaded files.
After you load files to the program, you can click the Audio Track button to select available audio tracks and click the Subtitle button to select available subtitles in the files.
• Move the mouse upon the name of the file until  appears, click the button, or right-click the file to choose Rename to rename the output file.

• To change the file order on the file list, you can drag the file.

Edit Media files

After you load a media file(video or ISO file/DVD folder/DVD), you can click Edit to see the window of Video Edit below.


• By clicking the Reset button, you can cancel the editing operations you have before.

Customize Output Settings

By clicking the Settings button, you can set the parameter of the output file, such as frame rate, bit rate and resolution. Under Output Format section on the right pane of the interface, you can select needed output format.

• After you load the videos, you can click Settings to choose output quality, such as
Small Size, Standard and High Quality.
• The output parameter will be applied to all the loaded files.
• The program will merge all loaded files into one if you
check Merge all videos into one file option.
The program also enables you to convert 2D videos to 3D videos, please choose the profile as 3D under Output Format section.


After you edit the files or customize the output settings, please
click the Convert button to start the conversion . You can click the Stop button  to stop the conversion.

To change the output folder to another one, you can click Browse to set the output folder path. When the conversion is finished, you can click Open Folder to get the output files.


Under Burn tab, please click Add Files to load video file or click Load DVD to load a
ISO file/DVD folder(none commercial ones). You can click Edit to edit the video(trim, crop or add watermark/subtitle/effect to the video) first before burning the files to DVD.

You can also set the DVD settings by clickign Burn Settings, which is
on the right of the interface.

Change Template:
A Burn to DVD window will appears after you click Change Template. You can have more settings for the DVD menu. Pleae click OK button to save the settings.
  • After you click to select a template, you can type the DVD name and set the font of the name by clicking click .
  • You can also click the icon "+" to add a imange as background of the menu, or add a piece of music as background music.
  • You can type the name of DVD to replace "My DVD".
Video Quality: You can choose quality for the DVD as Fit to Disc, Standard or High Quality.
Burn to
: You can choose Burn to a disc, DVD Folder or ISO Files.
Aspect Ratio: The DVD
aspect ratio can be chosen as 16:9 or 4:3.
More: After you click More, you can set the saving path for
DVD folders/ISO file and TV Standard as PAL or NTSC.


Download with video link:
1. Click Download at the top of the interface, you will see the Downloading list and an Add URL button.
2. copy the video link, and go to Download tab, then click Add URL
to start downloading.


• You can
click Finished to open the downloaded video list. Right-click a video in the "finished" list, you can delete/play/clear the videos, send the video to the Convert or Burn section or open file location.


You can play
audios, videos, and discs on the computer under Play section.

To load auio or video files to the program for playback, you can click the Open Files or Add Files button. By clicking the drop down list near the Open Files button, you can load a DVD to play. The program add the files to PlayList and play them. 

You can add the playing videos or audios to the
Convert(Burn) section by clicking Convert to or the Send to>Convert to(Burn to DVD) button.

When the program is restart, the playlist will be cleared, you can click to add media files.


• To play the file on playlist, you can double-click a media file .
• You can use Play(Pause), Full Screen, Audio Track, Aspect Ratio, Subtitle by right-clicking on the playing window

Video Recorder
You can follow the steps below to record videos.
1. Click Start on the computer to choose All Programs>iSkysoft>Video Converter Ultimate>iSkysoft Video Recorder. to activate the recorder feature.

2. Play the video you want to record in a player or play the video online, you can see the REC button on the left- top of the playing window.
3. Please click the REC button, the program will start recording automatically.

4. After the recording is finished, the recorded file will be added to Convert tab file list.

1. The recorded file will be WMV. If you want it to other formats, you need to convert the recorded video.
2. By pressing F10 on the computer, you can quit the recording. Click the icon "<<" next to Retake, you can find the settings of 
scheduled time to stop the recording automatically.

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