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iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac(1.2.0)Getting Started

Last Revised: 2013-06-08 10:17:47

iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac helps to make home videos composing with still photos, video clips and audio files.

Part One. Open a Project

There are three methods to do it.

a. Create a New Project
Click Create a New Project to make a new project.

b. Open an Existing Project
Click Open an Existing Project to open one of the projects you created

c. Open the project edited last time
Click Open the project edited last time to open the latest five projects that you created. Or click the drop-down list to choose one.

Also, you can click File on the top menu to create or open a project.

Step 2. Edit Slideshow

Load Media

iSkysoft Slideshow Maker for Mac supports importing photos, video clips and audios to a slideshow. You can directly drag and drop them to the storyboard. You can also select files come from the Media Browser. To remove photos, choose the photos, drag them out from the Storyborad.

Edit Media

Edit Photo

Double-click the photo to edit it. Or click the photo and click Edit to edit it. 

• Edit Caption
In the Preview window, a Sample Text can be see. Load your photo to further editing the texts containing color,font,size and effects etc.

1. Sample text won't show on the exported movie if you don't enter text.
2. You can't move the location of text manually, choosing different effect listed to change it.

• Crop
Clip a photo to 16:9, 4:3 or clip the photo manually.

• Filter
Click on a filter effect to choose filter effect for a photo and choose None to remove it.

• Rotate
Click Turn Right or Turn left to rotate a photo. To choose multiple pictures, hold Command key and choose the pictures.

Edit Videos

Double click a movie / click the movie and choose Edit to trim or set the video's volume. To undo the changes, click Restore button.

Tips: Drag the file forward to backward to alter the sequence of files on the storyboard.

c. Edit Audio files

• Trim
To trim it, click Trim, drag the slider. You can only trim one part of the audio file.

• Volume
To adjust the volume of audio file, click Volume to drag the slider.

• Preview
To preview it, click Play.

• Delete
To delete the desired audio file, drag them out of the Storyboard. Or right click it, click Delete to remove it.

Edit Styles

1. Add a Style

Default styles are appointed to photos or movie clips while they are added to the storyboard. One style is added if one photo/video is added. Whereas, more are being appointed to them accordingly if multiple photos/movie clips are added once.

2. Duration
Click Properties, spin  to set the duration of a single clip. 
Check on Apply to all clips to set the duration to all slides.

3. Background Photo

• Set background photo using the default photos or your's photo by clicking the Properties button.
• Select Use pre-designed paper to choose one of the photos below to use pre-designed pictures.
Select Use image to add photos on Mac to use your own photos.
Check Apply background to all styles to add the background photos to all slides

Note: This function isn't available for Theme style.

4. Remove a Style

Right-click the style, click Delete to delete it or drag the style out of the storyboard to remove it.

Edit Credit
& Intro


Drag the blank clip, intro or credit to the storyboard to insert it and click Play button to preview the intro, credit and blank clip


Double-click the blank clip, intro or credit to edit them. You can edit the caption, duration or change the template of the blank clip, intro or credit.

• Caption
In the input window of Caption, you can input the texts and edit the text containing choosing color,font, size and effects etc.

• Duration
Click Duration tab, enter the duration to change it, or spin the  button.

• Template

To change the Blank/Credit/Intro's template, click Intro/Credit/Blank tab to choose what you desire.

Voice Over

Click VoiceOver to record voice via devices.

Step1: Click Record Device to select a recording device.

Tips: Slideshow Maker for Mac would also find the usable equipments by itself.

Step 2: Drag Record Volume's slider to adjust the recording's volume. Select Ducking to mix the recording and other tracks in the slideshow.

Step 3: Click Start/Stop to begin recording, click Preview to check it.

Tips: You can click Delete button to delete the recording.

Part Three. Preview

Click Play to preview it
• Click Toggle full screen to play it in full screen.

Part Four. Share

iSkysoft Slideshow Maker helps to export slideshow to Macintosh HD, YouTube, iDVD, iTunes and Apple devices. Click Share to export it.

Note: You can't change the parameter while exporting to YouTube and Apple devices.

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