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iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac Getting Started

Last Revised: 2013-06-15 17:44:09

ISkysoft iTube Studio for Mac can download online videos from YouTube, Vimeo and many other video-sharing sites. It can also convert videos to other formats so that you can watch them on iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP and more media players. It is working with three browsers Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.

To start installation on your Mac, double-click the file ISkysoft iTube Studio.dmg . In the pop up small window, drag the application icon to your Applications folder as the arrow indicates or drag the application icon out of the window to the desktop.
After installation, you will enter the interface as below. If you want to download videos straight from web page by clicking Download button on the top of the video, click Install button to install extensions for browsers.

There are two methods to open  iSkysoft iTube Studio.

1) You can find  iSkysoft iTube Studio in the Applications folder after the installation, click iSkysoft iTube Studio.app to open it.

2) While the video is playing in browser (Safari, Firefox or Chrome), click the Download button on the top of the playback window.

You will enter the interface as below.

Download video

1) Click the Download button on the top of the video.

Tip: If it is YouTube video,  the video cab be downloaded by resolution.

2) Copy the URL of Video and then click Paste URL button.

3) Drag the URL of the
playing video to iTube Studio icon on Dock or the main interface of iTube Studio.

Click Preferences on the iTube Studio menu, you can change the location of your downloaded videos, and set the number of downloads at the same time (8 at most).

Tip: if you want to download and then convert downloaded videos to one format directly, you can open the Download then Convert option, select output format.
You can click thumbnail view type button  to view the videos by listing.
Manage downloaded video

Click Downloaded tab, you will enter the interface as below. The downloaded videos will be listed in Downloaded.

Play: There are four ways to play videos. Click the Play icon; press the Space key on the keyboard; double-click it; right-click it and choose Play.

The interface is as the screenshot below.

On the playing window, click the Snapshot button to take screenshot of the video. The screenshot will be stored on the Desktop automatically.
You can view the downloaded files with full screen mode by clicking Full screen button. Press esc key on the keyboard to quit the full screen mode.
Click the icon, you can change play mode between Play item once, Repeat item and Playlist once.

Right-click a video, you can choose Rename to change the name of the video. Click Delete or Delete All to delete videos; choose Go to Source Page to open source Web page; choose Locate Converted File to find the converted video; choose Import to add the local FLV , Mp4, WebM videos to the program; select Collate Files to clear all unavailable tracks that the original files could not be found.
Convert videos

iTube Studio can convert videos to other formats so that you can watch them on various devices. Click Convert button of downloaded video in Downloaded pane, you will enter the interface as below.

Select the output format you want, click OK button.

Tip: Point to the format, you can click the Settings button to adjust parameters.

The main interface is as the screenshot below while converting.
After conversion, the Convert button will be changed to Converted. Point to the Converted button, it displays Convert. You can convert the video to other formats.

Tip: You can only convert one video at one time.
Uninstall application

In the Applications folder, uninstall the application by dragging the icon of iSkysoft iTube Studio to the Trash on the Dock directly.

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