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Video Editor for Mac Revision History

Video Editor for Mac6.8 is Released. (2015-12-01 13:48:58)
1.Supported recording computer screen;
2.Added the “Stabilize video” feature;
3.Allowed to play videos in reverse.
Video Editor for Mac6.0 is Released. (2015-07-10 17:25:08)
1.Minor bug fixes
2.Supprts the latest iTunes 12.2 and Photos
Video Editor for Mac6.0 is Released. (2015-07-01 17:20:03)
1. Newly added text, filter, PIP and music resources
2. Optimize internal processing efficiency
3. Improve Green Screen effect
4. Support importing from Android devices, fixed some minor bugs found when importing videos from certain types of cameras
5. Optimize export frame rate
Video Editor for Mac5.0 is Released. (2015-04-10 18:20:17)
1.New effects and categories
2. Supported managing multiple text and audio tracks with the track manager
3.Perfectly supported keyboard shortcuts
4.Timeline UX optimization for resolving the “too easy to cut clip into two parts when move clips on Timeline” issue
Video Editor for Mac4.1 is Released. (2014-10-22 17:35:09)
fix some bugs!
Video Editor for Mac4.1 is Released. (2014-10-13 17:06:22)
1. Fully compatible with Mac OS X10.10 Yosemite;
2. Added more new built-in video effects including filters, transitions and text effects;
3. Supported for custom adjusting the text color and texture;
4. Added DVD menu templates for DVD output format;
5. Fixed some bugs and improved the stability of the program.
Video Editor for Mac3.5 is Released. (2014-09-29 18:27:43)
Resolved an issue that might cause app freeze when exporting video.
Video Editor for Mac3.5 is Released. (2014-08-04 16:38:21)
1. Improved product stability with new NLE 3.0 coding.
2. Add now Storyboard mode for easier movie making.
3. Add audio wave display for high precision audio editing.
4. Fixed the mismatching text font display issue.
Video Editor for Mac3.2 is Released. (2014-07-31 16:20:32)
Resolved minor issues and enhanced app stability.
Video Editor for Mac3.2 is Released. (2014-07-14 10:18:56)
1. Supported the retention of PiP video sound track;
2. Supported uploading your video to Vimeo;
3. Enhanced one-click video optimization.
Video Editor for Mac3.1 is Released. (2014-06-24 09:33:46)
1. Support the detection function of video scene.
2. Fix some bugs.
Video Editor for Mac3.0 is Released. (2014-05-23 17:34:10)
1. Brand new version with enhanced features and all new UI.
2. Now supports multi-track precise editing in Timeline view, up to 15 tracks supported.
3. Capable of adding Picture in Picture (PiP) graphics or videos to overlay tracks for decorating your movie.
4. New Green Screen (Chroma Key)feature for laying two videos together.
5. Added Apple ProRes and Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) support.
6. Stability enhancement for DVD creation.
Video Editor for Mac2.9 is Released. (2013-12-18 17:40:14)
1. Enhanced video quality for YouTube, now in HD and Full HD.
2. Added the feature of uploading videos to Facebook directly.
3. Integrated French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Br) and Italian localization.
Video Editor for Mac2.8 is Released. (2013-11-06 00:00:00)
1. Better compatible with OS X Mavericks;
2. Improved the media file compatibility;
3. Enhanced video exporting module for better processing HD videos;
4. Optimized the user interface to enhance user experience;
5. Improved the stability and increased the startup speed.
Video Editor for Mac2.5 is Released. (2013-09-03 21:00:00)
1. Resolved an issue that might cause failure when save project file.
Video Editor for Mac2.5 is Released. (2013-08-06 20:00:00)
1. Added Japanese localization.
2. Enhanced stability and fixed minor bugs.
Video Editor for Mac2.5 is Released. (2012-12-10 18:23:01)
1. Make movies with video, music and now photos.
2. Brand-new user-friendly interface.
3. Supported changing video speed and voice.
4. Added professional effects like Tilt-Shift, Mosaic and Face-Off.
5. Improved and added more transitions, filter effects, intro/credit and title templates.
6. Added brightness, contrast, saturation and hue adjustment tools.
7. Supported recording video and voice over.
8. DVD burning available.
9. Supported more latest devices.
Video Editor for Mac1.0 is Released. (2012-03-14 19:12:14)
1. Upgraded video encoder for better video quality.
2. Fixed some minor bugs.
Video Editor for Mac1.0 is Released. (2010-09-21 18:11:22)
1. Add, Delete, Copy, Trim, Split, Merge and Edit media files in a simple way via the timeline.

2. Provide a particular editing pane with plenty of editing features to edit any loaded video or audio files.

3. Offer a media resource pane to manage resources with classification in audio, video and transition effects.

4. Support to edit and convert media files into any formats for portable devices or upload to YouTube.

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