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iSkysoft Video Editor for Mac getting started

Last Revised: 2014-08-27 10:01:37

If you want to dive into iSkysoft Video Editor for Mac right away, this tutorial will walk you through the key tasks. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to :

Import video clips to the Library   
Add your clips and photos
Review and trim your video clips
Add titles
Apply transitions
Add music
Save and Share

The same basic steps can be applied to create a photo slideshow or any multimedia presentation that includes photos, video clips and music.

Import video clips to the Library

The Library is the source for all your media, including video clips, photos and music. It also houses templates, transitions, effects and a variety of other media assets that you can use in your projects.

1. Click the Add button at the top of the window to load your multimedia files.
2. The buttons at the top of the Library can be enabled and disabled to filter the thumbnails by video, photos, and music. If you don't see the media you expect to see, check the state of these media buttons.
3. All the loaded files can be sorted by Name, Kind, Duration and Date Created.

Add your clips and photos
Adding clips and photos to a video project can be done by dragging the thumbnails for the video clips and photos that you want to use from the Library to the Timeline.
Alternatively you can click the Resource button to drag the multimedia files to the Timeline directly, the dragged files will also be automatically added to the Library.

Review and trim your video clips

Let's review and trim the video clips.
1. In the Timeline, move the playhead from the original starting position to the new end position.
2. Right click the video to choose Trim to Playhead, then the part between original starting position and the new end position will be kept.
Note: Changes made to files imported into the Library do not affect the original files.

You can also trim video clips in the Timeline itself by dragging the end handles of a clip.

Add Titles

Now let's add a title
1. Click the Title button on the left of the Library thumbnails.
2. Drag a template to the position you want in the timeline.

3. To edit the title text, double click the title clip in the Timeline to open the text box to type.

4. You can drag the title to any position in the Title track You can adjust the duration of the title by dragging the end handles of the clip.

5. The Inspector window for titles is show in the picture above. Use the options to format your text, for example, you can change the font, size and color etc.

Apply transitions
You can add transitions between clips or between photos in the video track of the Timeline. Transitions can be used to fade in, fade out or to dissolve one photo into the next. There are many transition options to choose from.

1. In the Library, click the Transition button.
2. Drag the thumbnail for the transition you want to the Timeline and place it between two clips or photos.

If you want to apply the same transition between all clips and photos in the Video Track, you can do this from the Library, just right-click the transition thumbnail and choose Apply to All.

Add Music

You can add songs from your computer by dragging a music file from the Library to the Music track.

The music is added to the Music track, and as with other clips, you can drag it to a new position in the Timeline and trim it by dragging the end handles.

Note that with any audio or video clips that includes sound, you can control the volume of the clips by right clicking it and choose Adjust Volume.

Save and share
When you're finished with your project, you can save it and share it in a variety of ways. For this tutorial, we'll upload it directly to a website.

1. Click the Export button  from the toolbar.
2. Choose Facebook or Youtube to share your video. After, sign in to your Facebook or Youtube account, choose the settings you want for your video upload and click Upload.

iSkysoft Video Editor for Mac lets you produce professional-looking videos, regardless of your skill level. iSkysoft Video Editor for Mac provides a complete set of tools for capturing, importing, and editing video and other media, and for sharing your final production on a DVD, mobile devices or the web.

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