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How can I search text in my PDF.

Last Revised: 2017-10-13 17:43:01

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If your PDF is normal editable PDF, it is searchable itself. You can directly search text in your PDF. If your PDF is scanned and non editable PDF, you can first enable OCR function to turn it into searchable file then search text in your PDF. Below are the operation steps for your reference.

1. If your PDF is scanned file, please click Edit>OCR. On the right side of the program interface, please select Page Range, Document Language. And most importantly, choose Searchable Text Image from the OCR Setting drop down list. At last click Perform OCR to start this process. 

2. After enabling the OCR, it will create a new OCR PDF and open it in a new tab.Then you can operate search function is this new OCRed and searchable PDF. There are two ways for you to operate search function.

First way: You can click View>Search&Redact to open the search panel. Please input the word you would like to search for, choose the way for search from "Whole Words Only" and "Case-Sensitive". Then click Search to start searching process. The search result will be listed below.

Second way: Press the shortcut keyboard Command+F. A box will pop up at the upper right corner. And you can input the word you want to search under the Find column.

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