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How do you crop a video?

Last Revised: 2013-03-20 19:24:10

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After a video is added to the application, mouse over the video thumbnail and click the appearing Edit button. 

In the resulting Video Edit windows, go to the Crop tab.

You'll see eight handles along with dashed borders. Drag the handles to adjust the rectangle size, only videos in the rectangle will remain, as shown in the right window.
For accurate control, you can also move the Value sliders of Position and Size to adjust the rectangle.

The Zoom list helps you crop video in specific aspect ratio. To make the video play in full screen (without black bars across the screen), do the following:

1) First cut off the blackness in the left window.
2) Select Full Screen from the Zoom list. You'll see the video fill your whole player.

Note: The video might be stretched. Here's the reason: Your video was originally recorded in a ratio, but Full Screen option changed it to another aspect ratio. Therefore, if you don't want a stretched video, you need to use other Zoom options like Keep Original 16:9, or 4:3. 

If you want to crop the video again, click Reset. If you're satisfied with the result, click the Close button to save the changes and close the window.

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