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How do you apply a DVD menu template?

Last Revised: 2013-04-17 15:00:16

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Click the Menu button at the bottom right corner to enter menu editing mode. 

4 types of DVD menu templates are included in the Template types list: Dynamic Template, Static Template, 1.0 Template and My Template

Tips: 1. To add a template to My Template favorites list, right click the template, and choose Add to My Template.  2. By clicking More Templates, you can download more DVD templates from our official website.

Simply double click a DVD menu template to apply it to your DVD. If you don't want any DVD menus, just choose No Menu at the end of the Templates list.

Dynamic Templates are dvd menu templates with animated backgrounds.  The Frame, Button and Text are set by the application and can't be changed. But you are able to change the chapter thumbnail and add background music to the template. To do so, click the Advanced Settings button and change the Chapter Thumbnails and add background music as you want.

Static Templates
and 1.0 Templates are still DVD menu templates. You're free to change the Detail Settings like the Frame, Button and Text of the menu.

Simply double click a frame or a button, and you can choose the frame or button from the list.
Tips: Right click a frame or a button, and choose Replace all frames of the current page or Replace all buttons of the current page to change all the frames or buttons in the DVD menus.

You're able to change positions of the thumbnails, button and texts by dragging and dropping. To change the Thumbnails, Background and add Background Music to your DVD menus, click the Advanced Settings button and in the window that opens, drag your own image/music to the dashed rectangle.

Tips: You can edit the background music easily. Trim the audio file by dragging the Two sliders. Click Play trimmed part to play the trimmed audio file. Drag the Volume slider to change the music volume. You're also able to apply the Fade in and Fade out effects to the background music. Just check them and make settings to the effect duration. 

Depending on the Aspect Ratio of your DVD movie, you can set the Aspect Ratio to 4:3 or 16:9 under the preview window.

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