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PDF Editor for Mac Revision History

PDF Editor for Mac5.5 is Released. (2016-09-08 16:58:24)
1. Text re-flows naturally onto adjacent lines while editing paragraph, maintaining the overall PDF formatting;

2. Left align, right align, center and justify a paragraph;

3. Set font property to a bold or italic style;

4. Supports line editing mode, greatly preserving PDF formatting;

5. Automatically recognize and match the font, style and size in PDF, keeping a consistent text appearance.
PDF Editor for Mac5.5 is Released. (2016-08-10 14:40:28)
1. Support batch adding watermarks to PDF files;
2. Support batch removing watermarks from PDF files;
3. Support customizing print options;
4. Support showing or hiding annotations;
5. Support removing different types of annotations from single PDF document;
6. Optimized user interface;
7. Support merging unlimited files into one PDF.
PDF Editor for Mac5.5 is Released. (2016-06-29 16:32:58)
1.Improved conversion quality.
2. Fix some bugs.
PDF Editor for Mac5.4 is Released. (2016-04-13 20:01:25)
1. Fixed the issue of can’t open PDF hyperlinks;
2. Fixed the issue of stamps missing under the Retina screen;
3. Fixed the issue of prints come out as blank;
4. Fixed the reversed words in comments;
5. Fixed the orientation issue with comment texts;
6. Fixed the incorrect page order after inserting or replacing pages;
7. Fixed the issue of can’t save custom toolbar;
8. Fixed issue of Webarchive to PDF failed creation;
9. Improved PDF printing quality.
PDF Editor for Mac5.4 is Released. (2015-12-04 18:05:35)
1. Optimized Annotation Display and Management List.
2. Optimized Document Search Display (Command +F).
3. Optimized Bookmark Display and Management List.
4. Optimized Document Description Display and Management List.
5. Optimized Thumbnail Management List.
PDF Editor for Mac5.3 is Released. (2015-10-28 18:12:19)
1. Support rotating an image in a PDF by a custom degree;
2. Support extracting all the images from a PDF file;
3. Fixed some bugs.
PDF Editor for Mac5.3 is Released. (2015-09-23 17:15:07)
1.Fixed the issue of hyperlinks cannot be opened.
2.Optimized the selection of text editing.
PDF Editor for Mac5.3 is Released. (2015-09-18 11:44:52)
1.Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
2.Support previewing multiple PDF files simultaneously.
3.Support zooming in and out PDF page with keyboard shortcuts.
4.Support opening email PDF attachments from mail client.
5.Support sending email via the default mail client.
6.Fixed some bugs.
PDF Editor for Mac5.3 is Released. (2015-09-01 18:57:38)
1.Support Callout comment.
2.Create PDF from Window Capture.
3.Create PDF from Selection Capture.
4.Create PDF from Screen Capture.
5.Create PDF from Clipboard.
PDF Editor for Mac5.3 is Released. (2015-08-26 15:11:06)
1.Add support to crop, replace and extract images.
2.Support adding background to PDF files. 
3.New added document header and footer function. 
4.Support using PDF files as watermark. 
5.Support replacing PDF pages. 
6.Supports Bates Numbering.
7.Brand-new interface and interactive design.
PDF Editor for Mac3.7 is Released. (2015-05-28 17:30:03)
1. Add Document menu to operate for pages.
2. Fix the error when create PDF from different format files with same name.
3. Fix the display and edit error when adding annotations for some special files.
4. Fix the unclickable button when choose "Text Only" mode for toolbar.
PDF Editor for Mac3.7 is Released. (2014-11-20 17:35:11)
1.Add floating menu;
2.Add finding all the annotation function.
PDF Editor for Mac3.7 is Released. (2014-11-03 18:10:06)
1. Support saving documents to Dropbox;
2. Support downloading documents from Dropbox.
PDF Editor for Mac3.7 is Released. (2014-10-15 14:09:24)
1.Optimized the encrypting process.
PDF Editor for Mac3.7 is Released. (2014-09-26 21:19:36)
1.Optimize the toolbar;
2.Fix some other bugs.
PDF Editor for Mac3.7 is Released. (2014-09-05 11:46:26)
1.Added Toolbar editing function.
2.Optimize the form printing effect.
3.Support Mac OS X 10.10.
PDF Editor for Mac3.7 is Released. (2014-08-01 20:03:16)
Fix some bugs.
PDF Editor for Mac3.7 is Released. (2014-07-29 15:22:32)
1. Enhanced the efficiency of filling in the form;
2. Added annotation tool bar, easy to adjust annotation properties;
3. Added the new editing toolbar to enhance the efficiency of PDF modifications;
4. Modified the font panel to increase the recent list;
5. Reconstructed the color palette to improve the efficiency of color settings;
6. Fixed the compatibility issues of bookmark point;
7. Optimized the printing effect of ordinary document (not including encryption, forms);
8. Optimized text editing logic to enhance editing experience;
9. Added 15-day trial limitation in conversion module;
10. Added open document by default when converting;
11. Fixed the crashing problem when copying and pasting forms;
12. OCR function is no longer available for trial, users need to register the product to download for trial;
13. Solved the problem about ‘who can not insert password into protected document’.
PDF Editor for Mac3.6 is Released. (2014-05-05 16:38:44)
1. Add Connected Lines annotation.
2. Integrate the sidebar of the main interface.
3. Solve the problem of printing files with forms.
4. Fix form properties setting errors.
5. Fix the link page jump error.
6. Create PDF from Webpages, images, and text files.
7. Optimize interface for PDF merge.
8. Solve the problem of saving some edited and annotated files.
9. Fix the error of opening some files.
PDF Editor for Mac3.5 is Released. (2014-01-20 15:49:32)
1. Fixed some bugs.
PDF Editor for Mac3.1 is Released. (2013-08-20 19:23:01)
1. Quick sign PDF files with stamps.
2. Fill in any dynamic PDF form.
3. Optimized program interface.
PDF Editor for Mac3.0 is Released. (2013-04-22 21:23:01)
1. Supported filling out AcroForms PDF forms.
2. Import and export PDF form data.
3. Improvements on user interface and stability.
4. Fixed some minor bugs.
PDF Editor for Mac2.0 is Released. (2012-09-29 21:23:01)
1. Directly edit text, images, and graphics within PDF.
2. Convert native PDF to Microsoft Word documents.
3. Manipulate PDF pages: move, insert, delete, extract, crop and rotate.
4. Markup and annotate PDF documents with an array of tools.

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