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What can I do on your Support Center?

Last Revised: 2013-03-05 18:43:30

iSkysoft Support Center is built to provide customers with a better user experience when they have trouble purchasing or using iSkysoft products. We offer the following services on our Support Center.
Registration Code Retrieval
When you placed an order successfully, an email with your order details and the registration code will send to your email address. If you have not found it, go to the Spam or Trash Box to have a look. In case it is lost or not received then you can easily get it back by submitting your licensed email address or order number. Users can retrieve the registration code in the event of the following cases.

1. You didn't receive the registration code promptly.
2. The software couldn't be registered successfully.
3. If you want to update the software to the latest version by yourself.
4. In case the registration code is lost due to a computer re-installation, etc.
5. Others.

FAQ Center
The FAQ (frequently asked questions) may help you understand the product better. From the FAQ Center, you can find answers to questions about payment, delivery, technical issues, and other regular questions.

Product Support
The step-by-step tutorials on using iSkysoft products are provided here. You're able to view these tutorials and troubleshooting to learn how to use a specific product with ease. 

Contact Support Team
When problems arise and you could not find answers to your question in our Support Center, you're welcome to submit your concerns via the online form with as many details as possible. Our support team will reach you via email as soon as possible.  Contact us now

Manage Your Order and Questions
All your orders and tickets are saved in our Member Zone. After you asked a question via our online form or buy any iSkysoft product, we'll send you an account ID and password to your e-mail address. Log in to our Member Zone with the provided ID and password. You can then help yourself to retrieve registration code, upgrade your product, ask for assistance, rate our service and more.


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Contact Support Team

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Twitter Support

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