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How to fix the Authorization Error?

Last Revised: 2013-08-30 15:31:10

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Generally, the case will occur if the DRM file isn't authorized or the authorization of your source file are out of date on the computer, the authorization isn't valid any more. Could you firstly verify whether your files are authorized? If yes, maybe the computer is in heavy task or the Media Player doesn't work well to recognize the authorization.

For WMA/WMV files:
You can play them on Windows Media Player. If the WMA/WMV files aren't authorized or the authorization is invalid, Windows Media Player will offer instruction about how to update the authorization.

For M4V/M4P files
Please click Store->Authorize This Computer to authorize the files, and make sure that the files play well on iTunes.

If the file plays well on Windows Media Player or iTunes and the error message still shows up, please right-click the icon of our program and choose to run the program as Administrator for a try. In case this doesn't work, could you send me all files in the log folder for analysis? Here are some tips about how to find the log files.

(1) Right-click the icon of the program, and select Properties.
(2) On the pop-up window, please click the Find Target button or the Open File Location button, it will direct to the installation folder of this program.
(3) Find a folder named "log" and send all the files in the folder to me.

For AA/AAX files
The case will occur if Audible Manager or iTunes will not recognize the authorization of the AA file. As for the case, could you click the Start menu, uninstall Audible Manager under Control Panel, reinstall the program and make sure that the AA file plays well on iTunes or Audible Manager for a try? Please also reinstall iTunes and Audible Manager from following website.
iTunes: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
Audible Manager: http://www.audible.co.uk/aduk/site/software/index.jsp

In case this does work, could you log on the computer as a Guest and try again? If this doesn't work either, please send us all files in the log folder for further analysis.

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