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Why is the DVD video quality poor?

Last Revised: 2013-08-28 17:37:28

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The DVD video quality has something to do with the quality of source videos, the settings for burning DVD, the quality of DVD disc and and your DVD drive's performance. If the video quality is poor, check out these:
  • Ensure the source videos play well on your computer and in the program.
  • Make sure that the blank DVD disc is clean.
  • Update the driver of your DVD drive to the latest. You can right click My Computer on Windows desktop, and go to Manage > Device Manager > DVD/CD-ROM drives to locate the DVD drive and right click the drive to update its driver.
  • Set the DVD Quality option to High Quality or Standard, rather than Fit to Disc.

In case the source videos play fine on your computer but not with our program, feel free to contact us with the link after you upload your video to www.wetransfer.com.

Issues while burning DRM-protected videos to DVD or copying DVDs

To burn DRM-protected videos to DVD

This program can't play DRM-protected videos. To check whether a video is DRM-protected or not, play the video with Windows Media Player (for WMV videos) or iTunes( for other DRM-protected videos). 

To burn DRM-protected videos to DVD disc, the program need remove DRM protection from your videos first, and then burn the DRM-free videos to DVD disc. If the DVD video quality is poor for the DRM-protected videos, you're able to follow the instructions below to improve the quality.

1. Quit unnecessary programs on your computer because the DRM video conversion will occupy many CPU resources.
2. Make sure you're under the Convert tab before importing the DRM-protected video files.
3. Select a video format from Output Format > Format, and click the Convert button to create DRM-free file first.
4. Click the Find Target button to open the output folder and play the output file to see whether it has good quality. 
5. Import the DRM-free video files to the Burn tab of the program and click Burn to start burning when you're satisfied with your DVD movie.

If the created DRM-free video files have poor quality or doesn't play well, send us all files in the log folder. Do these:
(1) Right click the program icon on desktop or in a folder, and go to Properties > Find Target or Open File Location. This way, the installation folder will open.
(2) Locate a folder called "log" and send the whole folder to us.

To copy DVDs
To burn or copy DVDs from DVD files, you can load the DVD files by clicking the Load DVD button on top. After imported the DVD video, preview the video to check the video quality. 

If the program can't play the DVD, it's probably that the DVD movie is protected with special or new encryption. In such cases, contact us with the link to the DVD movie on www.amazon.com.

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