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Filmora Video Editor Revision History

Filmora Video Editor7.5 is Released. (2016-07-20 12:24:57)
1.Brand new Dark UI;
2.Well support the new effect store;
3.New background noise removal tool;
4.Mixing and mastering audio with the new audio mixer tool;
5.Tune and apply equalization (EQ)with the audio equalizer;
6.Able to create GIF animations;
Filmora Video Editor7.3 is Released. (2016-07-04 10:27:39)
1.Supports two new Effect Packs:Retro 80s and Fashion;
2.Supports the all new Effect Store;
3.Supports creating animated Gifs;
4.Auto rotate videos and photos imported from phones;
5.Supports Arabic language in Text Editor, supports OTF fonts;
Filmora Video Editor7.3 is Released. (2016-06-29 11:43:27)
1.new order confirmation procedure;
2.update new API of Instagram.
Filmora Video Editor7.2 is Released. (2016-05-05 17:49:26)
1. Supports the all new Spring Effect Pack
2. Supports 10x slo-mo and 10x time-lapse
3. Supports upgrade to 64 bit version on 64 bit OS
4. Fixed minor issues of the 64 bit version
Filmora Video Editor7.1 is Released. (2016-04-13 09:46:26)
New 64 bit version to ensure best performance on 64 bit OS!
Filmora Video Editor7.0 is Released. (2016-03-03 19:36:35)
Resolved some minor issues
Filmora Video Editor7.0 is Released. (2016-02-22 11:35:09)
1.Resolved incorrect displaying of some Spanish/Portuguese text; 2.Other minor bug fixes;
Filmora Video Editor7.0 is Released. (2016-02-02 17:25:32)
1.New Dark skin and skin switcher
2.New text engine with rich text support and new texts templates 3.Real frame by frame control with audio output
4.New Standrad Menu for application
5.Improved export video quality and supports 4K output 6.Added back Message Center;
Filmora Video Editor6.8 is Released. (2015-11-26 15:40:57)
1. New Screen Recorder: support for recording anything appears on your screen;
2. New Reverse feature: able to make a clip play in reverse;
3. New Video Stabilizer: make it possible to remove shakes in video and make it stabilized.

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