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iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac getting started

Last Revised: 2013-06-08 19:26:11

iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac is especially designed for you to recover image, video, audio, document, archive, email from many kinds of storage devices, such as Mac Computers, External Hard Drive, Mobile Phones, XD Picture Card (XD Card), etc.

After expanding the dmg file by simple clicking, drag the application icon out of the pack and drop it to your Applications folder or desktop. Start using the software according to the steps below:

Step 1: Choose a recovery mode you like

1. Lost Data Recovery
Recover lost data emptied from theTrash bin or deleted by Command + Delete, with this method, you will get the original file names and folders.

Step 2 Select one partition you like

Choose one partition from the logical drive list and Data Recovery will scan the partition for lost data.

Tip: If you want to find the lost file more exactly, you can set the scan filter options.

Click Scan icon and it will start scanning. After you finish the scanning, you will get the window like below:

  • If you click the Pause button during scanning, you could preview and recover the scanned files. Meanwhile, the Pause button will be changed to the Continue button, while you can click it to continue scanning.
  • Click the Stop button during scanning, the lost data may not be found.
  • Click the Save Scan Info button to save the scanned result as a .res file, and then you can load the .res file by clicking Resume Recovery on the Home screen.
a. Choose File Type can customize the file type to be scanned, such as: image, video, audio, document, archive, email, etc. It's helpful for you to find the lost file more exactly.
b. If you couldn't find the lost data, you can enable Deep Scan. It will take more time, but you will get more files with original file names and structure.

Step 3 Preview or Filter the found files
In the left directory tree, you can see all the found files classified in the directories where the lost files are. Choose one directory or a format, the found files are listed in the Preview list on the right. You can click the file to preview them in the preview window.

Tip: If the file Validity is Good, that is to say, it can be recovered successfully. If it says Poor or Bad, the file may be overwritten or corrupted for some reason.

Step 4 Recover the files
Select the check box in front of the files you want to recover, the Recover button will be highlighted then. Just click it to recover the data. There will pop up a dialog box, select a location and click the Save button, the recovered files will be saved there.

Tip: It's suggested to save it on an alternative storage in case the previous data may be overwritten or corrupted.

2. Raw Data Recovery
If you don't have to keep the original names or structure, this recovery mode can do a completely scanning and help you find more files not found in Lost Data Recovery. And the found data will be classified by format.

You can use Raw Data Recovery to scan the entire drive under this circumstance. The corrupted partition couldn't be recognized by mac itself, what's more, it couldn't be found by Partition Recovery.

3. Partition Recovery
Search through all partitions to recover lost data, such as lost, deleted, resized or corrupted, etc.

4. Resume Recovery
It's for you to open the previous scan results. In case you stop scanning for some reason, you will save the scan results as a .res file. Click it to locate the .res file and load it into the software to open it.

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