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Introducing "Registration Backup Service"

Last Revised: 2013-09-13 16:33:24

Registration Backup Service enables you to download the very version of the software in case of you need it again after a computer crash, or virus infection, etc. This service is provided and charged by Swreg/RegNow, who is our eCommerce partner. It will keep the copy of your purchased software for one year.

Do I have to buy the Registration Backup Service?
No. Generally, after the has been completed successfully,  the download link of the purchased software and its registration information will be delivered to the offered mailbox. You can use the registration information to register the trial version, or you can download and install the software again before registering. You can always download the latest version of the product on our website. So only if you need to preserve the very version when you purchased, it's usually not necessary to purchase the Registration Backup Service.

How to cancel Registration Backup Service if I don't want it?
You can do it in two ways: clicking the button before the Registration Backup Service in the shopping list, or ticking the Remove checkbox.

How to get a refund of Registration Backup Service only ?
If you're charged by Registration Backup Service by mistake,  please request a refund by sending an email to  Swreg/RegNow, depending on what's the platform you've chosen to place your order. In the email, write clearly that you just want to request a refund of Registration Backup Service, but retain the purchased software.

The email addresses are:

RegNow: ordersupport@regnow.com
SWREG: info@swreg.org

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